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Mann: The Kid-Magnet School!

Reminders: Students are personally responsible for the security of their Personal Electronic Media Devices. Mann Middle School assumes no responsibility for such devices. Reports of theft or loss will be handled using the school’s usual procedures for lost and stolen items. Neither Mann Middle School nor School District 11 is responsible for the loss or theft of any Personal Electronic Media Devices brought to school. Also: There is no adult supervision until 8:15, so please do not arrive on campus before 8:15. All students are required to be off school property by 4:15 unless they are involved in an after-school activity.​​​
Picture Day8/26/2016
Mann Skate Night8/26/2016
WEB Dance9/1/2016
Data Collaboration Day- NO STUDENTS9/2/2016
Professional Development Day- NO STUDENTS9/23/2016
RMCM- Medical9/12/2016
Girl' Track Meet9/8/2016
Girls' Track Meet9/13/2016
Girls' Track Meet9/17/2016
Girls' Track Meet9/20/2016
7th Grade Football Practice8/25/2016
7th Grade Football Practice8/26/2016
7th Grade Football 8/27/2016
8th Grade Football8/27/2016
7th Grade Football Practice8/29/2016
7th Grade Football Practice8/30/2016
7th Grade Football 8/31/2016
7th Grade Football Practice9/6/2016
7th Grade Football Practice9/7/2016
7th Grade Football Practice9/9/2016
7th Grade Football Practice9/12/2016
7th Grade Football Practice9/13/2016
8th Grade Football vs North9/10/2016
8th Grade Football Game9/22/2016
Chipotle Night-PTSA9/19/2016
7th Grade Football Practice9/15/2016
7th Grade Football Game9/10/2016
7th Grade Football Practice9/19/2016
7th Grade Football Practice9/20/2016
7th Grade Football Practice9/22/2016
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